The Process

Membership Rodeo Entry


Click Membership button below to complete all paperwork (Application Bio, Release etc.) which needs to be completed and signed.

Once paperwork is completed, then you go to the next step to pay your Membership fees.

Step 2 – Pay Membership Fees

Once fees are paid, you will be provided a membership number. Please write it down and keep it because you will need it when you enter a BPIR rodeo.

Step 3 – Enter Rodeo

The BPIR entry process has been upgraded and we will be using the same entry system that the IPRA, WCRA and other associations use.

To use the RET system, you will have to register for an RET account. It will ask for your email and require you to create a password.

Select the Account Type and enter your name, birthday, phone number and your main rodeo discipline.


Click the button below to register and enter the rodeo
If you have already entered the rodeo and need to nominate, click the button below

For more help entering a BPIR rodeo, see the below videos.