BPIR 2020 Rules and Regulations Changes

New members will have to complete the BPIR membership package including the W9 for IRS reporting. Please complete your paperwork with your legal name that your Social Security number is associated with when completing the paperwork.  You may be asked for identification to validate information

Renewal members will only have to complete a renewal membership sheet with current contact information and a W9 for IRS reporting.  Please provide your legal name that your Social Security number is associated with when updating your paperwork. 

UPDATED BPIR RULE BOOK – The updated rule book will be posted on our website under the Contestants icon and available for you to review at any time.  There is a section added to the website under Rule Book that is identified as Rule Change.  Any changes or new rules added to the rule will be captures under the addendum section.

Payoff scale will remain the same in 2020
The BPIR Finals payoff scale will be announced each year once the finals added money is determined.

NO WALK UPS – This remain the same. Everyone must call in.

As stated above, in 2020 BPIR will operate using its own rules as outlined in the BPIR Rule book. The book will be available online. 

We have added a new Icon under the Rule Book section called RULE CHANGES to captures any rule changes or new rules added to the Rule Book as an easy reference for you.

There are a number of changes and I am highlighting a few that you should be aware of. The changes below are not an inclusive list but just a few major changes:

  • BPIR will continue to abide by its own rules in 2020.
    Membership cards must be purchased or renewed PRIOR to competing in any sanctioned rodeo for the rodeo points to count towards 2020 standings.
  • New membership cards will remain at $80 for 2020 and renewal membership cards at $70 (2019 members ONLY). 
  • 2019 Rodeo Champions are exempt from paying membership fees.
    Seniors - 50 years and above must purchase a membership the 1st year for $30. All memberships are free afterwards as long as they have 5 years of consecutive participation.
  • All members and permit holders must be paid 2 hours before rodeo time. If not paid, you will not be allowed on the books once closed.

Please read carefully because there will be no exceptions for members or non- members. Once the books are closed, they are closed for everyone.

TOP 10: To qualify for the BPIR Finals a participant must compete in one (1) more than 1/2 of BPIR rodeos including sanction rodeos in each event, prior to the BPIR Finals. If a rodeo event is not included in all rodeos, the 1 more than ½ will be based on the number of rodeos the event was included in. The one (1) more than 1/2 creates an interesting dilemma when there are an odd number of rodeos. To clarify, if there are nine (9) rodeos, the participant would have to compete in a total of six (6) rodeos. If a rodeo event is not included in all rodeos, the 1 more than ½ will be based on the number of rodeos the event was included.

The top 10-point (money) leaders who are BPIR members and have met the rodeo requirement rule of (one more than half) will qualify for BPIR Championship Rodeo. The top 10 leaders in each event will be invited to compete in the finals for that event. PLEASE NOTE: The BPIR Finals does not count as a qualifying rodeo.

If a BPIR member competes in two or more events during the current rodeo year and win money in both events, they qualify for All-Around Cowboy/Cowgirl competition. Note: Mere qualification alone does not guarantee a spot in both events at the finals. For example, if a contestant is NOT one of the top 10 leaders in one of their events, they may not be a BPIR finalist in that event merely because they competed in a second event and/or won money in that event. Monies won in each event will count towards All-Around Cowboy/Cowgirl points.

If a contestant is invited to compete at the BPIR finals as an alternate and DID NOT compete in one more than half of the rodeos, he/she WILL NOT be eligible for any year-end awards, however anyone who competes will be eligible for Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo Finals awards. i.e. average event winners. To be eligible for a BPIR Championship title, you must compete in the BPIR Finals.

Please note, Contestants will be grouped according to how they qualify to compete at the finals as follows:

  • ONLY Group 1 (Qualified Rodeo requirements & earned money) will be eligible for Year End Awards and finals entry fee will be paid by BPIR
  • Group 2 (Qualified Rodeo requirements & No Money) will be considered Alternates
  • Group 3 (Money & Not Enough Qualified Rodeos) will be considered Alternates.

All contestants competing at the finals will receive a BPIR Finals jacket.

All timed events (CR, SW, LSU) are last to ENTER first to go EXCEPT Ladies Barrel Racing. All CONTESTANTS and STAFF must check in with Secretary on day of event unless pre-entered via online or mail entry.

Contestants, Staff and Specialty Acts are responsible for paying their Stall, RV’s and Electrical Hook-up Charges in each market. If anyone leaves a market without paying their charges, they will not be allowed to enter another BPIR rodeo until all charges are paid.

RELAY RACE RULE: All Relay teams MUST register with the secretary. If there are any changes to your team members, you must notify the secretary before competing in order to avoid disqualification.

If there is (7) Relay Teams or Less, Each team will run both days (SAT & SUN) and both Performances (1:30 & 7:30) and paid on an AVERAGE of the combined times. If there is (8) or more teams, the relay race will be ONE RUN based on FASTEST TIMES. The Teams will be divided based on ODD Numbers running on (SATURDAY or 1:30) Performance and EVEN numbers running on (Sunday or 7:30PM Performance).

In the event the Rodeo only has one performance, the odd numbers will compete in the (pre-show or 1st session) and the even numbers will compete in the (2nd session). The Relay pattern will be stakes prior to competing in a one run competition.

* Each contestant will be allowed to compete on TWO TEAMS ONLY. If a person is found to have competed on more than TWO TEAMS, ALL the teams will be DISQUALIFIED and NO MONEY will be REFUNDED.
Relay Race operates as follows:

  1. THE START OF THE RELAY WILL BEGIN AT THE FIRST BARREL AND THE FINISH WILL BE AT THE FIRST BARREL (reason: the majority of the relay racers will be accustomed to starting at the 1st barrel and stopping at the 4th. The relay racers are generally the same group of people each year.

  2. THE PASSING OF THE BATON WILL OCCUR BETWEEN THE 4TH AND 1ST BARREL ONLY (i.e. the pass can’t happen at the 4th, nor can it .The passing of the baton will occur between the 4th and 1st barrel only (i.e. The pass can’t happen at the 4th, nor can it happen at the 1st, it must be between the barrels).

  3. You have to be ready to enter the arena when your team is called, if not, you will be disqualified and will forfeit your entry fee.

  4. You can encourage your horse to run; however, the designated relay baton is all that you can pass between riders.

  5. The barrel will be staked at the very beginning and will remain the same for the duration of the race for both performances.

The ladies barrel race will be ONE run with 16 or more called in and paid contestants. Two runs with (1-15) called in and paid entries.

This year the Bareback event will be combined with Saddle Bronc Riding. As everyone knows, over the last couple of years we have struggled to get bareback riders to participate at BPIR.  After much discussion and listening to various suggestions over the last couple of months, the BPIR has decided to combine Bareback with Saddle Bronc Riding as one event.  If a contestant wants to enter as a Bareback Rider or as a Saddle Bronc Rider they can. The judging will based on the rules of the specific event and the best scores from each event will determine the order of payoff. 

For timed events, the contestant has 3 attempts to set their animal to contest their stock. After the 3rd attempt, the Judge will allow 45 seconds before your stock is released.

To be eligible for Rookie of the year, a participant must compete in one (1) more than 1/2 of BPIR rodeos including sanctioned rodeos in an event. The one (1) more than 1/2 creates an interesting dilemma when there are an odd number of rodeos. To clarify, if there are nine (9) rodeos, the participant would have to compete in a total of five (5) rodeos (Example: ½ of nine is 4.5 and one (1) more would be 5.5; since one cannot compete in half a rodeo, the number required to compete in would be rounded up to the next whole number). A Rookie contender must have a membership card and have not participated previously as a BPIR member.

If there is no qualified score or time in an event, the ground money will not count toward points. BPIR Membership balance will be deducted from Ground Money in all events.

Bull Riding will be paid on each go round per rodeo. BPIR Finals will pay each go round and an average

Current Coggins Papers (No Exceptions) Please have your papers available for each rodeo if case you are asked for them.

* All Contestants Must Be Present In The Arena And Entry Fees Paid (2) Hours Before The Performance.


  • Non-members must purchase permits and the permit fee must be paid at the time the entry fee is paid.
  • Permit holders (Non-Members) must call in their entry. All entries of permit holders must be paid no later than (2) hours before the rodeo performance. If entry is not paid, contestant will be withdrawn from the event and fined if contestant does not call secretary and withdrawn 24 hours before rodeo.
  • If a Permit Holder earns money during a rodeo, and elects to purchase a membership during payoff the cost of membership is eighty dollars ($80.00) less the twenty dollars ($20.00) permit fee or sixty dollars ($60.00). Points (earnings) won under a permit will not count towards the standings. Points earned under the newly purchased membership will begin to count at the next BPIR or Approved Sanctioned Rodeo with money earned.
  • Permit holders will not be eligible for any prizes other than money earned at BPIR rodeos in which permit holder participates. Permit holders will not be eligible for finals.

 ENTRY FEES can be paid by Credit Card by viewing the BPIR WEB page and clicking on the RODEO SOUL tab and following the link and instructions. A ($3.50) processing fee will be added to your total.