Rodeo for Kidz Sake

We're serious about youth.

BPMSFUND.COM | We are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, cultural and educational organization.

  • Since March 1987, the Bill Pickett Memorial Scholarship Fund has demonstrated an abiding commitment to the rodeo and the arts. Our steadfast focus has been providing educational opportunities.

    Through a 12-month strategic planning process, the Fund has clarified the vision that will guide us in the coming years and support our heritage scholarship, arts for kidz sake, kids rodeo and educational programs.

    Our goal is to preserve the heritage and legacy of African American contributions to the American Westand to give recognition to the cowboys and cowgirls who were pioneers in the sport of rodeos.

    We acknowledge, educate, and provide cultural and educational events that continue to honor the rich history of the American West.The Fund plans to continue the tradition by supporting the Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo and to provide an avenue for those seeking to develop their horseman skills and compete professionally through events and funding support.

    In addition we provide enriching educational, arts and cultural experiences to multicultural and despaired communities.